An Eye for the Particulars
Whether it’s admiring the architecture of a rustic town in Mexico, enjoying the nuances of a theatrical performance or reading about the vivid landscape of a distant part of the world, Ruth Ann’s appreciation for the particulars is prevalent in all of her eclectic interests. She traces a great deal of her meticulous nature to the experiences she had growing up. Ruth Ann can remember the summers she spent working with her grandmother who taught physically and mentally challenged children and the satisfaction that came from being attentive to their needs. They were experiences that inspired her to pursue a career in teaching elementary school herself.

Conscientious at Home
When it comes to Ruth Ann’s family, you won’t find a more conscientious grandmother and wife. She lives for opportunities to create a special memory by taking her grandchildren out to pick blueberries, sharing books she’s read with her daughter or enjoying a classic car show with her husband. Ruth Ann understands how important it is to spend every available moment together and that sharing the little things in life actually strengthens their relationship.

Getting It Done Right
It’s clear that in every aspect of her life, Ruth Ann knows that making a positive difference doesn’t begin and end with taking care of the obvious. It also means paying attention to the minute details that are often overlooked. Nowhere is the approach more apparent than in Ruth Ann’s career as a leading real estate agent. When it comes to knowing what’s involved in the often complex and emotional process of buying or selling a home, Ruth Ann doesn’t let anything pass her by. She takes the time to examine every part of her clients’ important objectives to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Knowing What Matters
After immersing herself in the unique goals of her clients, Ruth Ann works thoroughly to give her clients the guidance they need to maximize their investment. Whether clients are looking to sell their home for the highest return or find the right match for their budget, she combines  years of local familiarity with sophisticated marketing techniques to make the process smooth and worry free.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, there is no detail too small to leave to chance and the decisions you make now could impact the integrity of one of life’s biggest investments. No one knows this more than Ruth Ann. You owe it to yourself to work with a professional who is Giving You Undivided Attention. Call Ruth Ann today for a free consultation.